Thanks for coming by!

This website will provide you with a bit more information about me and the work I am doing in support of children and youth living in Prince George and throughout British Columbia.

Along the side are other ways to connect with me and follow along my journey. I am active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and a little less active on LinkedIn. If none of those interest you I can also be reached by email, telephone or by leaving a message in the box below.

So a little about me.  The most important job I have is dad to Ryan and Ian.  These two boys keep me motivated to work hard and try and create a better public education system, community and world.

I am the Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Prince George. Since 2011 I have the honour to serve as a Trustee on the Board of Education for School District 57 (Prince George) and since 2016 have been the Board Chair.  In addition to these roles, in April 2018 I was elected to the Board of Directors of the British Columbia School Trustee Association.

I am seeking re-election for a third term to the Board of Education for School District 57. You can learn more about my re-election campaign here.

Explore my page and social media profiles to learn more about me and look forward to connecting.

All the best,




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