Thanks for coming by!

This website will provide you with a bit more information about me and the work I am doing in support of children and youth living in Prince George and throughout British Columbia.

Along the side are other ways to connect with me and follow along my journey. I am active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and a little less active on LinkedIn. If none of those interest you I can also be reached by email, telephone or by leaving a message in the box below.

So a little about me.  The most important job I have is dad to Ryan and Ian.  These two boys keep me motivated to work hard and try and create a better public education system, community and world.

I strongly believe in the value and values of mentoring and have been proud to work with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Prince George since 2006 and as Executive Director since 2013.

Since 2011 I have the honour to serve as a Trustee on the Board of Education for School District 57 (Prince George) and since 2016 have been the Board Chair.  In addition to these roles, in April 2018 I was elected to the Board of Directors of the British Columbia School Trustee Association.

I have kept active my campaign page from the 2018 Trustee election.  I believe in accountability and it is important that I am living up to what I said I would do.  You can see that page here.

Explore my page and social media profiles to learn more about me and look forward to connecting.

All the best,




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